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Presentation Skills Resources ...

These resources are watched, discussed or referenced during Performance People's Professional Presentation Skills workshop series.

Session 1 - During the Session

Session 1 - Homework

Session 2 - During the Session

Session 2 - Homework

Session 3 - During the Session

Session 3 - Homework

Some Other Miscellaneous Videos & Tools


Session 1 - During the Session

The Planning Sheet is for getting your ideas down on paper before writing a script. Click here to download the PDF file.

Barack Obama on election night 4/11/08 - especially from 12:40 minutes, when he talks about Ann Nixon Cooper:

Madeleine Madden’s Address to the Nation - Organised by GenerationOne 7pm Sunday October 24, 2010:

Bindi Irwin's Speech at Steve Irwin's Memorial Service - a very raw message:

Session 1 - Homework

There are lots of presentations at ted.com on a wide range of topics. Last year, Margaret Hornagold drew her network’s attention to the excellent presentation by Sugata Mitra about introducing technology to children without training – It is great. Click here.

I also thoroughly enjoyed a light one by Hillel Cooperman called Legos for Grownups – see if you can find it.

Toastmasters ‘10 Tips for Public Speaking’ are very good. Click here.

How to Present Like Steve Jobs (c/o bnet.com) is for the particularly obsessed presenter - and has some useful tips for the rest of us. Click here for a PDF version.

The ‘one big idea’ concept is from a presentation at SlideShare called ‘Present! - Edition #1 Rethinking Presentation Design’:

View more presentations from Oliver Adria

I also mentioned the A, B, C – answer, bridge, communicate approach of Mark Suster. To read about this and some other tips for selling yourself or a concept, read the blog post. Click here.

Session 2 - During the Session

Before preparing slides for an important presentation, it is useful to plan using storyboards. Click here to download the PDF template.

The other video shown during this session was a private video which is not available on the internet.

Session 2 - Homework

‘Death by Powerpoint’ by Alexei Kapterev is a popular slideshow at SlideShare:

View more presentations from Alexei Kapterev

My favourite line: “How much is an extra slide? $0.00. Zero Dollars. Break it in several. It’s free.”

The Slideology website is an excellent one. You can click on each of the light grey squares on the left side of the webpage to see different techniques. Click here to go to the website. My favourite is ‘192 - Creating Scenes, Not Slides’ which inspired me to change an existing presentation of project management quotes to incorporate fat and skinny pipes which are followed by the presentation as it meanders from slide to slide - you can see it here.

Session 3 - During the Session

Matt Harding's Ignite presentation at Gnomedex in Seattle August 22nd, 2008:

Steve Jobs’ Macworld 2008 Keynote Presentation on the MacBook Air - a 10 minute segment:

Session 3 - Homework

6 Presentation tips from a Steve Jobs keynote by Garr Reynolds. Click here to read the blog post.

Garr Reynolds also writes about “What is good PowerPoint design?” - click here.

After Session 1, I suggested you look at ‘Present! - Edition #1 Rethinking Presentation Design’. You should look at it again, this time looking at the (non-traditional) PowerPoint design:

Some Other Miscellaneous Videos and Tools

A video of Kevin Rudd's Apology to the Stolen Generations.

More tips from observing Steve Jobs, by social media commentator Dan Zarrella at Fast Company.

A short post by Kit at SlideShare about connecting with your audience before talking about your own stuff.


Slideshare is a place to share slideshows with the online world. I have read and enjoyed many presentations here. Particular favourites are Brain Rules for Presenters and Mr Presentation.

Performance People slideshows can be accessed by clicking here. Here is an example:


Kuler is a community of people creating colour combinations that will amaze you. Check out 'The Joker and the Thief' and 'African Sunset'.

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