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Project Management Training & Coaching

Tom Peters in his 1997 book The Circle of Innovation, discusses the importance of project management skills:
""Train! Train! Train! PROJECT-TRAINING-IS-US. Aim much, most of your training efforts specifically at project management and project membership ... Projects are art. (Everthing important is.) Still, there are a hundred tricks-of-the-ancient-trade worth learning." (p. 212)

Proficiency in project management provides individuals and organisations with a distinctive advantage. Proficiency involves the ability to recognise the need to manage work activity as a project; identify project goals; convert the goals to an implementable plan; and then follow through on implementation.

Geoff Higgins learnt project management at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), and has honed his skills through managing projects, and teaching project managers their craft.

Performance People offers project management training, including the following workshops: In addition to training, Performance People provides individual, on-the-job coaching to project managers.

Examples of significant consultancies include:

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